Welcome ICCCPO Chair

Dear Parents, Survivors, Family Members, and Volunteers,

I am delighted to welcome you all to the 46th Annual SIOP Congress where ICCCPO will also be hosting our annual conference.

This year the conference is in Toronto, Canada, a city that over the years has embraced and welcomed those from diverse backgrounds and cultures to contribute to its success and development. What better city to welcome delegates from all across the globe to share their ideas and inspirations with others, to forge new relationships and to nurture established partnerships as we all strive to improve the care we are able to offer children with cancer. 

There is a renewed vibrancy and urgency among many involved in the care of our children to work together to ensure that the innovations and efficiencies that are needed are developed and implemented to achieve the best possible outcome for those affected by childhood cancer. Global projects are being implemented, partnerships formed between key role players and countries are sharing knowledge, best practices and resources as the world strives to expand cancer care access to the marginalised and forgotten children in the world, while striving to reduce childhood cancer mortality and morbidity.

This conference offers the opportunity for delegates with diverse interests and different 
backgrounds to mingle and interact and to contribute to solutions. The comprehensive
programme includes key note lectures, group discussions, workshops, speciality small group meetings and poster presentations.

Enjoy the conference, Toronto with its many diverse cultures and the attractions the city and Canada has to offer.

Kindest wishes
Kenneth Dollman

ICCCPO Board of Trustees
Chair, Kenneth Dollman, South Afr
Vice-Chair/Treasurer, Benson Pau, Hong Kong 
Secretary, Ruth Hoffman, USA
Anita Kienesberger, Austria
Edith Grynszpancholc, Argentina
Carmen Auste, Philippines
Marcela Zubieta, Chile
Poonam Bagai, India 

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