Keynote Lectures

Keynote Lectures

When you attend SIOP 2018, you can learn from 2 Nobel Prize laureates, Yoshinori Ohsumi (2016) and Tasuku Honjo (2018). Here are all our keynote lectures:

​Keynote 1:

The history of SIOP Giorgio Perilongo (Italy)

Keynote 2:

Autophagy Yoshinori Ohsumi (Japan)

Keynote 3:

IPSO: Critical role of surgery in pediatric cancer care Simone Abib (Brazil)

Keynote 4:

D'Angio Lecture - PROS: Heavy particle radiotherapy Tatsuya Ohno (Japan)

Keynote 5:

PD1 and PD-L1 Tasuku Honjo (Japan)

Keynote 6:

NK/T-cell Lymphoma Koh-ichi Ohshima (Japan)

Keynote 7:

PPO: Sleep quality and disorders in pediatric cancer patients and survivors Raphaele van Litsenburg (Netherlands)

Keynote 8:

Development of novel therapies for Ewing sarcoma Uta Dirksen (Germany)

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